Sigma Kappa Foundation – Mission, Purpose, Values & Beliefs

For more than 50 years, the Sigma Kappa Foundation has supported Sigma Kappa Sorority. With a unity of purpose, our Foundation has played and continues to play a crucial role in the growth and success of Sigma Kappa, providing the lifeblood of financial resources to keep our sorority vital and healthy.

Our mission is to create and fund leadership, scholarship and philanthropic initiatives that reflect the values and spirit of Sigma Kappa Sorority.

The Sigma Kappa Foundation exists to be the fundraising entity for Sigma Kappa, to support Sorority programming permissible by law, to provide and continue to expand scholarships, grants and member support funds, and to provide philanthropic service through collegiate and alumnae chapters.

Sigma Kappa Foundation strives to conduct its work as a model of transparency, accountability, integrity and ethical behavior; these qualities are essential to honoring what we value most: our donors, members, heritage and volunteers.

Transparency – We will:

  • Provide reports and communications that are truthful and straightforward, committing to full disclosure

Accountability – We will:

  • Be accountable to our donors and to all Sigma Kappa members
  • Establish standards and measure ourselves against them
  • Ensure that our data is secure
  • Honor the requests of donors to remain anonymous
  • Acknowledge gifts promptly and accurately
  • Be available to our donors and listen and respond to their concerns
  • Recognize our donors in our publications, at events, and through personal methods as appropriate

Integrity and Ethical Behavior – We will:

  • Comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the business of the Sigma Kappa Foundation
  • Perform our duties honestly and in good faith
  • Act openly and with regard to our responsibility for public trust
  • Exercise care, diligence, and good judgment in participating in the affairs of the Sigma Kappa Foundation
  • Operate free from any conflict of interest
  • Avoid any appearance of personal or professional misconduct
  • Ensure that donors understand how solicited funds will be used, and that they are used in accordance with donors’ intentions
  • Ensure proper stewardship of all contributions

Our Members and Our Heritage – We will:

  • Show respect for our ritual, standards and ceremonies
  • Celebrate our history and heritage through Founders’ Day and other Sigma Kappa anniversaries

Our Volunteers – We will:

  • Inspire our volunteers to excel
  • Respect their time and use it wisely
  • Clarify expectations
  • Recognize and appreciate their efforts

We Believe:

  • Sigma Kappa Sorority and its members are our primary focus and responsibility
  • Honesty and integrity are core to our actions
  • Sisterhood and our heritage are cherished and celebrated
  • Diversity of thought and embracing change are at the heart of our growth
  • Accountability, transparency, and excellence are critical to serving our donors, our members, and our communities
  • Volunteer commitment is essential to providing philanthropic service to benefit society