Planned Gifts

Planned gifts allow donors to realize long term tax and financial advantages or contribute substantial one-time gifts. In addition to stocks and securities, donors remember Sigma Kappa through their estate plans and with life insurance policies, bequests, annuities, or other life income instruments. Most importantly, the Foundation works closely with our donors and families to fulfill their wishes.

Qualification Criteria:
Appropriate documentation confirming a planned gift for the Foundation, which may include, but is not limited to: bequest, gifts of securities/stock transfers, property and real estate, life insurance, charitable remainder unitrust, charitable remainder annuity trust, charitable gift annuity, and charitable lead trust.

While preferred, it is not required that the gift amount be disclosed, nor the portion of the will naming the Sigma Kappa Foundation as a beneficiary be on file.

For life insurance, documentation as provided by legal counsel must be executed between the donor and the Foundation. For life income plans, legal counsel for the Foundation will offer advice and counsel.

Horizon Society 
Honors members and other friends who have remembered Sigma Kappa through a planned gift, which may include a life insurance policy, bequest, annuity, or other life income instrument.


  • Recognition in the Foundation-Gram quarterly e-publication, Foundation website donor list and annual report
  • A society pin given at the time the letter of intent is received
  • Other appropriate recognition and appreciation are extended to donors to the extent allowed by law

Endowed Gifts 

Endowed gifts are held for investment purposes; therefore, the earned income may be used for those purposes and programs designated by the donor and/or the board of trustees. Individuals, chapters, companies and other friends may make gifts via cash transactions, stocks, bonds, and other securities to build or establish endowments that provide training, educational programming, scholarships or other educational opportunities for all Sigma Kappa members or a specific chapter. Endowed funds may be established to honor or memorialize a Sigma Kappa that has touched the life of her family and friends. For more information, contact