(Position Filled) Seeking Development Specialist

May 12th, 2014

Sigma Kappa Foundation seeks a high-energy, high-initiative individual interested in developing and educating the next generation of philanthropists for Sigma Kappa.

Using independent judgment, the Development Specialist will conduct and coordinate program services including grants and scholarships, and fundraising activities including the Ultra Violet Campaign, 1874 Giving Circle and the One Heart Circle.

Specifically, this position will build and oversee a program that cultivates, solicits and stewards collegians and young alumnae. Key to success is the ability to build relationships, promote program services and generate donations for the Foundation.

Sigma Kappa Foundation’s mission is to develop and fund leadership, scholarship and philanthropic initiatives that reflect the values and spirit of Sigma Kappa Sorority.

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1874 Giving Circle Grant Finalists 2014

April 1st, 2014

Project 1 – Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser

This project would involve the entire fraternal community, and have a movie night with tickets for proceeds to go out to the Panhellenic philanthropy of Habitat for Humanity. We would set up a big theater style in the Amphitheater with a big screen and feel various snacks and refreshments.

Many families lose their homes due to various problems whether it be monetary, weather, or other various reasons. Many of these families have multiple children as well and should not have their family living without a home. Greeks help every year with this cause during Greek Week, but that is one week a year. This cause hits too close to home for many people, and these services that give homes and new lives to many should not be limited to a one week effort. Any additional effort for this philanthropy is more than anyone could ever ask for.

Project 2 – Sigma Kappa Cares Clinic

Sigma Kappa Cares Clinic will be a clinic that provides medical and educational resources to the homeless community in our city. The clinic, done in conjunction with the School of Nursing at our university, will be set up in stations, and each patient will have a booklet to get a stamp for every station. Upon completion of the booklet, the patient’s name will be placed in a raffle for gifts received from donations and purse drives.

The services provided will include, but are not limited to free: flu vaccines, foot care, breast exams, blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks, contraception, and lunch. The education that will be provided will include, but is not limited to sexual health, self-breast examination techniques, nutrition, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease risk factors. These medical services will be provided by 2nd and 5th semester nursing students as well as family nurse practitioner students. Sigma Kappa members will be over the entire paperwork process including: registration, release forms, and gathering educational booklets for patients. Sigma Kappa members will also be needed for directions, welcoming, table organization and paperwork collections, and greeting. The health department is potentially a partner interested in donating flu shots. The only costs will be marketing, printing, flu shots, and glucometer sticks. The rest will be donations and volunteers.

Our community unfortunately has a significant population of homeless individuals and families. More often than not, those that are homeless suffer from psychiatric or mental disorders. Yet, they are not financially in a situation to seek medical attention. Nor are they in a healthy enough state of mind to come to terms with any mental/medical health issues. The purpose is to enlighten the homeless community about health risk factors associated with common practices of the members in their community. Ideally, we would like to decrease the prevalence of health concerns with the homeless by giving them incentives to seek health care. Sigma Kappa members will be directly impacted by seeing the results of communal service. As a chapter, it is important to us to have philanthropic events that are hands on rather than strictly fundraising events to write a check. We want to touch people’s lives by impacting them first hand. Hearing the homeless’ stories will also help members appreciate their lives, achievements, and opportunities.

Project 3 – Paint the City

Our chapter would like to start impacting our local community by creating a brighter, warmer atmosphere. To do this, we would like to start an initiative in the community to paint happy, colorful images on the inside of low income elementary schools, homeless shelters, halfway homes, retirement homes and much more. We will choose a central wall in the building to project an image, such as a Disney character. Our hope is not to paint just one wall in our community, but to reach out to as many organizations as possible to spread our movement. By creating a bright and happy space, we hope to improve the conditions of these buildings and create a place people will want to be. With the grant funds, we want to purchase the paint and supplies to start a city wide initiative. This money will help us create an inventory so we can continuously reach out to our community.

The purpose of this project is to improve the conditions of low income buildings in the community. Our chapter is very hands on when it comes to philanthropy, and a project like this will get our members out into the community to make a difference. We want to help create a warm atmosphere to heighten the spirits of people who frequent some of the local buildings. By reaching out to many organizations, we hope to spread the philanthropic mission of Sigma Kappa while also creating a warm and happy space for our community members.

Project 4 – Driving Out Alzheimer’s

Our chapter has a tradition of putting on a car show every year called Driving Out Alzheimer’s. This is our main event that ends our Ultra Violet Week. We are so excited about our Ultra Violet week this year because our chapter plans on making it bigger and better than ever before. We would likely put most of the money from the grant into our Driving Out Alzheimer’s event. In order to hold more people at the event for a longer amount of time, we want to use more tables for games, information booths, and entertainment. We would also amp up the entire Ultra Violet week by putting more energy into events such as our memory game show.

Our chapter will donate all of the proceeds to Alzheimer’s disease research. We sell hair ties, pins, and paper elephants during Ultra Violet week. We also can for money during the event as well as sell tickets for a raffle. There are also donations from the registered cars at the car show.

Project 5 – Christmas Angels

Our chapter would like to adopt a family for the holidays who has been affected by Alzheimer’s and therefore cannot afford to make the holidays special. This may look like finding an individual who is the caregiver for another family member with Alzheimer’s and helping their entire family through the holidays. As a chapter we would get to know the family and understand their needs. We would invite them to chapter meeting to tell their story of how Alzheimer’s has affected their lives and educate the chapter. We would have the children of the family compile a Christmas wish list and we would buy and have a toy drive to get some of the gifts for them to make Christmas special. We would also buy them food for their Christmas dinner so that the family we adopt would have a chance to gather and share a family meal. With the remaining money we would ask the family what bills they needed help with that month to help alleviate some of their financial burdens during the holidays. We will also help them in any other ways they need. For example, if they have young children then some of the members will volunteer to babysit one night that the adults need to get away.

The purpose of this project will be to aid a family, financially and emotionally, who has been affected by Alzheimer’s. Our support will take away some of the pressure of the holiday season. The chapter will be personally involved in aiding the family through donations and personal conversations. This will educate the members on the effect of Alzheimer’s and encourage a personal connection with our gerontology philanthropy.

Project 6 – Sigma Kappa Earth Day of Service

Our sisters hope to implement an Earth Day of Service with the requested grant funds. To display Sigma Kappa’s dedication to improving the environment, the initiative will send university fraternity and sorority members to environmental sites in the local community. Various service sites, such as parks and city cleanup organizations, will host volunteers. Volunteers will be not only Sigma Kappa sisters, but also recruited Greeks from other fraternities and sororities. To maximize the event, our sisters will fulfill different roles based on their strengths. For example, design-oriented sisters will work on promotional items such as flyers and posters, so we can effectively recruit participants for the event. Sisters with a good eye for fashion will work to design the t-shirts that the participants will wear on the service day. Business savvy sisters will manage the budget. Of course, on the date of the event, each site will have sisters working alongside the other Greeks and serving as site leaders.

Our Earth Day of Service seeks to target the environment. Some of the service sites we hope to send participants to include White Clay Creek, Downtown Wilmington Cleanup, Redd Park, Downtown Newark Cleanup, and Iron Hill Park. Much of the service work will be in the form of picking up trash, planting flowers, and creating new hiking trails. Spending time at these sites and learning about the resources our planet has to offer can overflow into the choices students make in their daily routines. While the physical work the participants do at the event will be important, we hope to incorporate an educational component as well.

Project 7 – Maine Sea Coast Mission Housing Repair Program

During summer 2014, our chapter wishes to send a team of sisters by automobile on a multiple day trip to Maine in order to volunteer for the Maine Sea Coast Mission’s Housing Repair Program.

The project will benefit the extremely deserving charity, the Maine Sea Coast Mission, which is closely connected to Sigma Kappa. The mission of the Maine Sea Coast mission is to “provide spiritual, health, and youth development programs in coastal and island communities from mid-coast to Downeast Maine. Rooted in a history of non-denominational service, the Mission offers hope, encouragement, and help to strengthen individuals, families and communities.” The project will enable sisters to volunteer their time and effort into working on housing repairs of homes in Downeast Maine.

Many residents in Downeast Maine live in decaying houses that are in desperate need of repair. However, a majority of the residents do not have the funding and labor available to make these repairs on their own without the help of volunteers. The Maine Sea Coast Mission meets the immediate and essential needs of these residents by sending volunteers each summer on house repair projects ranging from painting and basic carpentry to roof replacement. Sisters want to actively participate in the Maine Sea Coast Mission by volunteering help through the housing repair project.

Project 8 – Turkey BINGO

Our chapter would like to hold an event called Turkey BINGO. This event will be implemented to help low income families provide a Thanksgiving dinner to those they care about. The event will be held at a local elementary school and we will be encouraging students to come with their families and friends. When everyone walks in they will receive a BINGO card and score sheet and every time they get a BINGO they will get a Thanksgiving food item: i.e. turkey, stuffing, canned items. As families get multiple food items we will mark off on their score sheet what they have so each family has a fair chance of getting each item. Throughout the night families will be selected to win a full meal, local “heroes” will read the numbers, and Sigma Kappa women and teachers will put on skits to get the children excited about what they are learning in school. When people are leaving, we will make sure every family leaves with at least one item.

26.1% of community residents are below the poverty line. According to the 2010 U.S. Census 644 people lived in the homeless shelter and half of the residents were children. Also, an additional 51 people were put up in a local motor lodge per day from lack of room in the shelter. The Census also says the shelter helped 10 families in transitional housing and 1,637 people with rent and utilities.

Project 9 – Girls to Empowered Teens (GET)

The project will be an 8-week mentor-based, health education program on body image, self-efficacy, and self-esteem in 6th and 7th grade girls. These girls are not given the opportunities they need to create high self-esteem. This program gives them the opportunity through mentors and activities to gain self-esteem, which will help them succeed in all aspects of life.

To empower middle school girls to make healthy choices through education, the use of college women as mentors, and skill building in sports/fitness and communication in an effort to enhance self-esteem, build social support and self-efficacy and improve overall health. Relationships with mentors, either assigned or naturally occurring, have been associated with lower levels of depression and anxiety.

Project 10 – Alzheimer’s Awareness Charity Gala

The purpose of this event is to educate the community on Alzheimer’s disease and to also raise money for the cause. We plan to sell tickets for the dinner– of rough $10.00 of each ticket will go towards Alzheimer’s disease research. We also plan to have donation boxes on the table for guests to contribute to if they wish to do so. A Silent Auction is also going to be held in which all the proceeds will go towards Alzheimer’s disease research. With this, we have high hopes of raising a generous amount of money for the cause!

This Gala’s purpose is to donate towards Alzheimer’s disease research. By stating this, Alzheimer’s disease affects a large amount of the population in America. There are many people within our community that will benefit from the money we raise and the education we provide. We plan on inviting the residents of our local nursing home and their families as well, since Alzheimer’s may already affect some of their lives.

2013 Impact Statement

March 5th, 2014

On behalf of the Sigma Kappa Foundation Board of Trustees, we are pleased to share our 2013 Impact Statement.
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August 7th, 2013

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February 14th, 2013

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February 14th, 2013

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February 8th, 2013

Congratulations to the following Sigma Kappas who will be attending the Northeast Greek Leadership Association annual conference, courtesy of scholarships from the Sigma Kappa Foundation!

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