Alumnae Heart Fund

This charitable program is designed to provide assistance to aid alumnae who find themselves facing financial distress, emergency or crisis through aging, medical, natural disaster, or other severe personal or family problems.

During convention 2012, the Sigma Kappa Foundation announced that thanks to a recent bequest, the endowment requirement for the Alumnae Heart Fund has been met and emergency grants may now be awarded. 

Click Here to Submit an Alumnae Heart Fund Grant Request

If you know a Sigma Kappa alumnae member in good standing who meets the conditional requirements for emergency assistance, please have her contact the Foundation at or complete the Grant Request form.

The Sigma Kappa Foundation has awarded its first ever Alumnae Heart Fund grant to a sister who has had such chronic health issues that it has been impossible for her to work since her college graduation.

For decades, her family has cared for her, but she has recently lost both of her parents, and with that, her financial support.

But she hasn’t lost the support of her sisters. Women she went to school with helped her apply for the Alumnae Heart Fund grant, and now that she has received our support, she has this to say to all of you:

“I thank you all for your truly heroic, life preserving measures that you… have bestowed upon (me). I feel honored and blessed… never could I have dreamed that the mystic bond would grow deeper later in life. No one can ever predict how our lives will turn out. But it is heartwarming to know there are Sigma Kappas willing to take the time to help lighten some of the burdens of my life. Thank you to all that helped create the most wonderful generous gift of love, support and hope. I am forever grateful to all of my Sigma Kappa sisters.”

We gratefully share her message with you so that you can understand how your gifts to the Foundation are making a difference in the lives of our sisters.